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Introduction to Laravel 9

Laravel is a MVC php Framework created by  Taylor Otwell.Laravel is a powerful toolkit to create full featured web applications.Laravel basically an open source software with rich functionalities which helps us create our website effectively. 

Laravel 9 is the new version of laravel framework released  on 8th february 2022.Laravel 9 adds many useful  new features. 

  • Requirements of Laravel 9

The I...

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Razorpay Laravel-Integration

In the daily life accepting payments through website are common. For that you must need a payment gateway which is integrfated with our website or web application. Introducing the simplest way to integrate Laravel with Razorpay,

At First,

Create an account on razorpay:

  1. Signup and Login to  and set the testmode on.


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ReactJs Intro for Beginners

A javascript library for building fast and interactive user interface. It was developed by facebook in 2011, currently it's the most popular javascript library.
The working of ReactJS is on component based.


A component is a piece of User Interface(UI). When building application using ReactJS, It build a punch of independent, isolated and reusable components. And then compose them to build complex user interfaces.

Every reac...

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