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First Application Configuration in PHP Laravel 7

Main folders that we are using in our PHP Laravel 7 Project

Laravel project architecture follows a Model - View- Controller pattern and it fully focused to seperate logic part of application from the user interface.
The main folder used in our laravel projects are:
app,database,resources,routes, .env file

app - The app direct...

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How to install Linux,Apache,Mysql,PHP(LAMP) in Ubuntu 20.10?

LAMP is an open source software package used to built dynamic websites.LAMP is an abbreviation that uses the first letter of each of the packages included in it: Linux, Apache, MariaDB, and PHP.Here we are going to install Apache, MariaDB and PHP separately.

How to install Apache2 in Ubuntu 20.10?

Apache2 is an open-source highly extensible web/HTTP server software used by numerous websites on the internet.

To install Apache2, follow default package managerfor th...

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What is PHP Laravel 7 and How to install PHP Laravel 7 in Ubuntu 20.10?


What is the need for using a framework?

A framework is a platform which is used to simplify the process of creating web applications.
It is something which provides you a structure around which you could add code to have a great fuctionality of the system.It allows a standard way of creating applications.

While we creating web application,without framework, first you may have to create a empty folder, then create index.html or index.php files,autolo...

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