Our Projects

An Exhibition of our works

Pepco Resorts

The web application, we created allows users to easily book rooms, and explore resort amenities. The integrated CRM system helps resort managers efficiently handle bookings, manage guest information, track reservations, and communicate with guests, enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Sefeena Car Rental ( Kuwait )

Safeena is a prominent corporate company from Kuwait reached us to build there website offering a vast fleet of cars for rental purposes. To enhance customer accessibility and convenience, we've developed an online rental platform, bringing all functionalities online for a streamlined experience.

EFM Corporate ( UAE )

EFM Corporate from Dubai reached us to create a recruitment platform in Android & iOS, connecting job seekers with opportunities across borders, featuring various job openings where applicants can seamlessly apply and upload relevant documents directly through the app.

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Treat & Tour

Treat and Tour is a medical treatment facilitator and MEDICAL TOURISM Facilitator Company, Located at the Heart of the most modern medical hub of Kerala , Cochin City. We developed the official website listing the chain of hospitals they linked with.

Nakshathra Designs

Nakshatra Designs is an ecommerce website for boutique fashion, offering a curated selection of unique and stylish clothing and accessories. The site provides a seamless shopping experience, allowing customers to explore and purchase exclusive boutique items from the comfort of their homes. With its user-friendly interface and diverse collection.

LISA by Lean Cotton Bags

An application to encourage the use of cotton carry bags for environmental sustainability and Helps small scale production industries to promote their products.

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Pioneer Trading (UAE)

Pioneer Trading, whose headquarters is in Dubai, reached out to us to build their official website to display their wide range of products. We created the dynamic web application, and the client loved it.

Expendix Money management

Expendix is an app that simplifies expense management, allowing users to categorize expenses by category, date, and amount. With Expendix, generating detailed expense reports is quick and easy, providing a comprehensive overview of spending habits.

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GMTT is a user-friendly recruitment app featuring various job openings where applicants can apply and upload relevant documents directly through the app. Additionally, candidates can conveniently track their applications and receive notifications about new opportunities. This App simplifying the application process for both employers and applicants.

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We developed the official website for RAMITS, a highly esteemed legal firm based in Thrissur. The firm is renowned for its distinguished panel of advocates who specialize in various legal domains.