Response Times

Webrins Technologies will respond to any Technical Support, Billing Queries, and Sales Queries within 60 minutes of the query being lodged, and to provide the relevant customer with an effective answer to their query within 3 hours of the query being lodged.

Product Support

Webrins Technologies will provide free Installation and installation support for all our software products.

Payment Methods

We provide serveral payment methods for our Domestic and International clients. Our clients can easily make the payments through direct bank transfer, UPI, QR code, Net Banking, paypal or through our payment gateway.

Prices and Plans

All prices and plans are subject to change with prior notice of 45 Days. Any change in monthly fees will apply to your next service period, but will not be payable for your current service period.

Project Delays

The project completion delays caused due to the issue's from client side are not our responsibility. There will be a restart payment for those project's which are delayed for more than 6 months.

Money Back Policy

All Webrins products and services are coming with a demo. So we recommend to use demo before purchasing the actual service and we won't provide any refund for those services or products having demo. If there is no demo available then we will refund 50% of your money within the 60 days after the refund request. For getting this refund you need to submit the request within 24 hours after your first payment. If you have any Paypal Subscriptions with any services or products, then you must need to un-subscribe it from your Paypal account during the cancellation time of those respective services. We won't give back any refund for the automatic Paypal subscriptions, it will be automatically added as a credit to your account within our billing system

Termination of Service

You may cancel the products or services at any time by providing Webrins Technologies with the cancellation request. Since all fees are payable in advance, in order to avoid charges for a subsequent billing cycle, you need to cancel the service/product prior to the end of the current billing cycle. We recommend that you can cancel your subscription (if relevant) prior to your next billing date, and also advise us of your intentions in writing prior to the end of your current billing cycle so that we know to cease providing the service, and then no further charges will be payabl